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48 Jazz Guitar Licks Pro

1.49 usd

***** 48 Jazz Guitar Licks*****48 jazz guitar licks and lessons in the style of many great jazz guitarists. The guitar licks in this app would be perfect to build up solos for any jazz player.
● Each lick has audio demonstrating how they should sound and full guitar tablature.
● The first 24 licks are the key of Bb and follow the famous "Rhythm changes". The next 24 jazz lines are based over the common ii V I (2,5,1) chord progression and in the key of C major. The chords used are D minor 7, G dominant 7 and C major 7.
● The licks use arpeggios and scales including the altered scale, wholetone scale, diminished scale and more.
● Track your progress by marking which guitar licks are your favourite.
● No ads or in app purchasing!